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In the room. to remove the awkward pause, Sexy thong naked opened the champagne and poured it into glasses, saying a toast, I drank a glass out of excitement in one gulp and felt the champagne hit my head. Glass after glass, we ourselves did not notice how the tension dropped and we, as before, began to freely discuss the details of the meeting. It was already getting dark outside the window and a pleasant intimacy was formed in the room, I turned on calm music. And Oleg and Lyuba began to dance a slow dance, and I sat and watched how the dress fitted her gorgeous figure, she was of medium height with short black hair, size 2 breasts were compressed bra and looked very sexy, but the highlight was her gorgeous ass, two mouth-watering buns fitted a black dress Oleg was also an athletic sexy thong naked of average height, they circled and looked at me, then Oleg gestured me to dance with his wife, I came close to her and frozeshe took me by the palm and hugged me, so I touched her body for the first time, we circled in a slow dance, I looked into her eyes and poured compliments, all the same, alcohol untied my tongue and I began to behave more loosely. Oleg interrupted our dance by inviting us to the table, where we finished the wine, he twirled the empty bottle and, smiling, put it on the table What are we playing for strip or kissing, I asked.

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He aroused me and immediately got up from his knees to kiss me on the lips. I felt like a girl at that moment, Harry's hands were crushing my ass ugly, his middle finger was constantly poking into the anus tightened with a knot. I wasn't ready to let him in yet. Harry unbuttoned his jeans, sexy thong naked my hand, put a thick, almost hard cock in my sexy thong naked. Rinse me, my girl, - handsome Harry was burning with desire. His words caused a wave of incredible pleasure in me, as if an invitation to become his girl for a while was all I needed to be. Happy.

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