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I returned to the table, there I told the girls what had happened, and we all excited about what had happened went home. Hello everyone, the story is not very ordinary, but college girl cum a long college girl cum I will not go into prehistory, but I will try to describe the whole essence of history. Since childhood, I have always been attracted to older women, so to speak, and the older the better it would seem, my classmate's grandmother aroused my admiration especially when I saw her naked for the first time, it was not that, I was always asking for something how to help her around the house, but this did not go further. I even managed to fuck my grandmother (that is, my dad's mom), but I'll tell you that next time. but not so long ago, a pretty grandmother of 84 years old moved to our neighborhood, she was not tall, a dense physique and very sweet on her face. for her age, she had a small, large and with such a size not sagging chest that I immediately rushed into my eyes. in a conversation with her, I often noticed that she is a pretty sensible grandmother and completely in her mind, and once visiting her, which I did regularly in the princess, she complained that her legs hurt, well, I accordingly suggested to her to do a massage on my feet ) at first she refused to say that it was not decent and all that, but then all the same she let me do it.

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